Spirituality and mission in our “busy” era

Subversive Spirituality due for release in June 2011, introduces an integrity model for spirituality and mission that can help the church to engage the generation of this age in ways that can deepen their inner life with God and move people to participation in God’s kingdom mission.

“In this book Dr. Jensen breaks new ground in three important ways. First, he relates the theme of spirituality in a fundamental way to modernity/postmodernity. Second, he canvasses the history of culture and the spiritual practices of Jesus Christ, the early church, and contemporary Christians, to establish patterns and models from which we can learn. Much can be gleaned from the spiritual practices developed in other ages and cultures. Third, this book offers a challenging proposal to Christian disciples committed to living faithfully in contemporary culture. (…)The goal of this subversive action is nothing less than to create time and space for the disciple to be in God’s presence in solitude and community, as modeled by Jesus Christ, and there be ministered to by God’s Spirit. This is urgently needed not only to sustain our personal discipleship but as the foundation for our engagement with the world”.                                                              Wilbert R. Shenk from the Foreword.

L. Paul Jensen argues that the current church has suffered a cultural “collapse of space and time” to devotion to God. That means that we live constantly in a hurry, where methods for a generous spiritual journey and a courageous missional life are not welcome. Jensen assures us that with more time and space devoted to regular solitary and communal spiritual practices, mission, and leadership structures the church can achieve greater engagement with the world.

“The loss of the sense of place and our addictive hurry sickness have drained spiritual vitality and power for mission from the church in North America. We often focus on outward ministry to the exclusion of spirituality amidst the pressures of maintaining organizational structures infected with collapsed spatial and temporal codes and devoid of sufficient time and space for relationships”.                 –L. Paul Jensen from the Preface of Subversive Spirituality.

He connects the world of ancient spiritual practices with the world of constant communication and instant gratification, proposing a model for spirituality and mission in church, mission, and educational structures in our increasingly pluralistic postmodern life.

About the author: L. Paul Jensen is founder and director of The Leadership Institute, in Orange, California, which offers non-formal training in spiritual formation, spiritual direction, and leadership development. He is Assistant Professor of Leadership and Christian Formation as well as an Assistant Professor of Spirituality in Contemporary Culture at Fuller Theological Seminary. He has authored articles on discipleship and spirituality, including several entries in the Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization.

To order a copy of the book click here


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