The International Conference on Patristics

James Clarke & Co will be attending the International Conference on Patristics in Oxford on the 8th-12th  August 2011, taking with us a whole host of titles relevant to Patristics. It will take place, as usual, in the Examination Schools in the High Street,Oxford.

This four-yearly gathering of scholars from around the world has become a major event for the many disciplines concerned with Patristics. It gives scholars at all stages of their careers the opportunity to engage with a critical, but sympathetic audience.

The conference and more than five hundred individual contributions indicate the movement of research in the field as a whole. Famous names, addresses, lectures, seminars and topics discussed have marked the history of research in Patristics.

We will be at Stand 13 on the North School, First Floor and hope to see you there!

To find out more about the International Conference of Patristics visit

Here are a few highlights from this years catalogue that we will be bringing along to the conference…


Early Christianity in North Africa by Francois Decret

Christian North Africa is a region often reduced to its dominant patristic personalities, yet Early Christianity in North Africa recognises the significant growth and dynamic nature of the African Christian community. Francois Decret explores the roots, diverse history, expansion and significant influence of the Christian Church in North Africa.

This book details the course of the great metamorphosis in North Africa’s identity which went from being Western, Roman and Christian to being part of the Eastern Arab-Muslim world and the effect that this had upon African Christianity.

Edward Smither, Associate Professor of Church History and Intercultural Studies at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, recognised the demand for this book after continuously recommending François Decret’s book to students.This quality translation of an important book captures the unique spirit of an invaluable chapter of church history.

 Early Christianity in North Africa will be available from July. For more information please click here.

The Philokalia and the Inner Life by Christopher C.H. Cook

 Christopher C. H. Cook focuses on the text of Philokalia, providing an intriguing and analytic work which is considered a critical examination of the spirituality of the Philokalia in relation to contemporary understandings of psychotherapy.

The author, like the shepherd of thoughts and ideas on the ‘mountain of contemplation’, explores intelligently the nature of mental well-being and inner life, as well as presenting an account of the pathologies of the soul (passions) and considering the remedies for them.

The book is essential reading for those interested in the contemporary world of psychotherapy, spirituality, the Philokalia texts and also a fruitful prayer as a path to mental well-being.

The Philokalia and the Inner Life is available now from our website. For more information please click here

The Earliest Christian Hymnbook by James H. Charlesworth

Two millennia ago a gifted poet in the Middle East composed the Earliest Christian Hymnbook called the Odes of Solomon and that gifted poet was the anonymous Odist who became the early poet laureate of Christianity.

Professor Charlesworth offers an inviting introduction and a translation of this work that is both engaging and true to the original languages. The poetry, hymns and odes of the first followers of Jesus are evidently present in the New Testament and this volume translates The Odes of Solomon with some of the hymns being obviously Christian while others perhaps Jewish.

The Earliest Christian Hymnbook will be available from July. For more information please click here




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