God’s Wounds and Angel Wings…

Today we make the trip from our offices in Cambridge to its sister Oxford for the sixteenth ‘International Conference on Patristics.’ Here scholars from across the globe flock to the quarterly event, which provides an important arena for the testing of ideas within Patristics. It is a veritable hotbed of famous names, lectures and seminars, leading to the Master’s Garden Party at Christ Church, before the evening lecture at St Mary’s, this time given by Professor Guy Stroumsta, the Abrahamic Religion specialist.

Within this hive of academic activity we will introduce four of our latest publications:

All Shall Be Well By Gregory MacDonald is a tour de force across centuries of minority Universalist thought, revealing the sheer diversity existing within the discourse.

God’s Wounds Volume I & II By Jeff B. Pool examine divine suffering through the prism of Creation and Evil respectively, in this crucial contribution to the field of hermeneutics.

Finally In The Shadow Of His Wings By Jonathan Macy relocates the role of angels in the protestant tradition through a combination of scripture analysis and pastoral theology. All three works boldly confront eschatological issues to leave us with much food for thought, not least concerning the destination of our souls!


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