Living on the Edge …Philosophy’s Answer to the Romantics, 1689-1920.

Book of the Month: Philosophy, Dissent and Nonconformity by Alan P. F Sell.

Look through the keyhole into the Nonconformist colleges where philosophy’s answer to the Romantics—dissenting, dangerous living radicals— studied philosophy for two long centuries, outside of the mainstream Anglican-Oxbridge Academy. Over one hundred such institutions existed during the period from 1689-1920, and yet Dr. Sell is the very first to tell this alternative history of philosophical education, revealing the diversity that existed in the movement, accommodating everyone from Evangelicals to Rationalists. The subject matter taught was similarly diverse: from logic and metaphysics to ethics and theology. Academy tutors left in turn a small but rich legacy of publication, from which moral philosophy emerges as the unique concern among dissenting philosophical circles. Doctor Sell’s groundbreaking study focuses on such individual thinkers as Richard Price, Joseph Priestley and James Martineau, correcting the unjust overlooking of such figures that continues in Oxbridge-focussed history writings today.

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Rosemary Hahn (Publicity)

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