Putting the RIOT back in Patriotism?

Book of the month: Patriotism, Power and Print: National Consciousness in Tudor England by Gillian Brennan.

RRP:£42.00 £35.70

Offer ends 30th September 2011

The riots of last month shook the country and with it, the perception of the country internationally. One could not help wondering what assumptions were being made all over the world about English social identity, and even more so within our own nation.

Gillian Brennan’s work challenges the established views of those who have followed the tendency of placing the origins of nationalism in the Middle Ages. It stresses the differences between the concepts of nationalism and patriotism and examines the connotations of patriotism in its own right rather than as nascent nationalism.

Gillian Brennan explores the advent of ‘Englishness’, as the result of a disparate community that was gradually centralised and inspired with a sense of unity. As the United Kingdom was born and an Empire started to flourish, this term was gradually replaced by ‘British’, which became the hallmark of a proud and successful nation.

What it is to be ‘British’ or ‘English’ as a signifier of identity is once more being re-appraised. Patriotism, Power and Print explains the origin of England’s social identity, for a community attempting to redefine it today.

Click Patriotism, Power and Print for more information on, or to buy, this title. For more offers from James Clarke & Co, click here.


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