A quiet night in with poetry, mysticism and negligence.

As the wind roars outside the windows and summer staggers to an end, why not cozy up with a cup of tea and a good thought-provoking book? From an in-depth study of the poetry of John Donne to a historical dissection of the Georgian Church and a classic introduction to Christian mysticism from the early Church to the present day, we have something for everyone on offer (!) at James Clarke & Co.

You already know their names: St. Paul, St. Augustine of Hippo, St.Francis of Assisi, Catherine of Siena, so why not learn what set these great men and women apart from the average church-goer and discover how their influence has shaped the Church throughout history? Evelyn Underhill’s Mystics of the Church explores not only the historical development of Christian mysticism and its role in the Church, but also provides fascinating insight in the spiritual growth of the individual mystics, their struggles, achievements and influence. Underhill illuminates the whole of her subject by drawing attention to the differences of approach that can bring a man along the road to the divine, from the zealous militancy of a Loyola to the passivity of the Quietists. Add some mystic inspiration to your life for only £20.00 £18.00!

Literature and Sacrament: The Sacred and the Secular in John Donne by Theresa M. DiPasquale is the perfect evening read for a lover of English literature. This elegant and scholarly study places Donne’s secular and religious poetry in the context of 17th-century popular culture and the Reformation debate on the Christian sacraments. DiPasquale sheds new light on the poetics of the period, as well as giving fresh and detailed readings of Donne’s poems. Enjoy an adept and engaging study of one of the greatest poets in the English language for a mere £52.50 £47.25!

Or if you prefer a riveting account of a rather over-looked historical period, try The Church in an Age of Negligence: Ecclesiastical Structure and Problems of Church Reform 1700-1840 by Peter Virgin. Using the same methods employed by pioneering psycho-historian Lewis Bernstein Namier to dissect 18th-century politics, Virgin provides a comprehensive understanding of the status of the clergy in Georgian society. In his exploration of ecclesiastical structure, incorporating tithe income, patronage, pluralism, non-residence and the numerous problems of church reform, Virgin overturns orthodoxies and puts forward a series of original and challenging views of the Georgian Church. Discover, or rediscover, a fascinating period of English history for £52.50 £47.25!

For more titles on religion and poetry, such as Milton and the Preaching Arts by Jameela Lares and On Poetry by Giovanni Antonio Viperano, please click here. If mysticism intrigues you, James Clarke & Co would like to recommend these alternative titles: The Life of the Servant by Henry Suso, Mystical Element of Religion: Two Volume Set by Friedrich von Hügel, Heresy and Mysticism in 16th Century Spain: The Alumbrados by Alastair Hamilton and many more. For more on the history of the Church, such as The Doctrine of Faith in the Reign of Henry VIII by D.B. Knox or Leonard Elliot-Binns’s The Early Evangelicals: A Religious and Social Study, please click here.

Offers end on September 30, 2011! Check out James Clarke & Co and our sister-publisher, The Lutterworth Press, for more special offers and irresistable titles!



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