A demand for a radical church

Forthcoming release
Apostolic and Prophetic: Ecclesiological Perspectives
B.Dylan: A born-again Christian
B.Dylan: A born-again Christian

‘You’re gonna have to serve somebody, Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord, But you’re gonna have to serve somebody’, Bob Dylan sang during the chorus of Gotta Serve Somebody , a song released in 1979. These words represented a new Dylan, the born-again Christian, who started expressing his strong personal faith and his belief in Christian teachings and philosophy. It was the time, when he was on a mission to spread the word of god, when he fulfilled the apostolic task

Bob Dylan can certainly be seen as an example of the ‘so called “simple people of faith”’ G.Thiessen refers to in Apostolic and Prophetic: Ecclesiological Perspectives whom, she feels, the church, people in the field of theological studies, need to lend an ear. The book is an advocacy for a modern church committed to being apostolic, prophetic but also radical. Thereby, asking the church for regarding the arts is one of her principle demands, as she is convinced art has the potential to show a challenging, a radical, a new perspective on the idea of faith and of the church.

‘I would like to briefly note, in our context of envisioning the church as apostolic,ecumenical, prophetic, and radical, that the integration of the arts— literature,visual art, music, film, theater, etc.—can offer significant perspectives to ecclesiologyin particular and systematic theology at large. […] there are things that cannot be expressed in any other way than through the poetic, the visual, or the musical.’

                                                          (Apostolic and Prophetic, p.174)

With Apostolic and Prophetic, G.Thiessen presents a critical observation on ecumenical ideas and praxis. She critically examines the church’s concept of unity in diversity, which, as she thinks, has led to the church slowly losing a common identity in its contemporary manifestation characterised by its disparate denominations. The church’s consideration of the arts, a radical change of thinking, she recognizes, might be an attempt to bring back a unity among the church and its various denominations.

Apostolic and Prophetic: Ecclesiological Perspectives

by Gesa E. Thiessen


                             Release Date:    26/07/2012                                      

                             For further information see: http://www.jamesclarke.co/


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