Sex, Wives, Warriors, and us…

The everyday life of the Lutterworth Press Publicity team can be much more exciting than you might imagine. As the excellent publishers we are – that being said with all the objectivity of my subjective point of view – we do care a lot about the books we deal with, and we sometimes end up finding ourselves fond of a particular title we motherly – or fatherly – undertake to defend and protect. It is in that sentimental and passionate state of mind that we decided to write something here about one of our forthcoming publications, Philip F. Esler’s Sex, Wives, and Warriors.

Surely this explosive title has immediately caught your attention; yet it is far from summarizing the originality, the seriousness, the relevance and the genius of what hides behind it. In this book, Esler tackles the narratives of the Old Testament and analyses in detail several of the most significant biblical stories from a viewpoint close to that of an ancient Israelite, so as to understand what exactly they meant for their very first audience. A totally new exegetic angle such as this one inevitably gives birth to a brilliant study of the Bible – well-written too, on top of that – and allows us to rediscover these fundamental texts in a completely new way.

Whether you are a believer or not, you cannot help being captivated by the successive apparitions of the mythical figures of the past as you go deeper and deeper in the book. Maybe that is what makes it so special: it is not only a well-research scholarly work, simultaneously getting on to exegesis, theology, history, anthropology and ancient story-telling, it is also a real journey through fascinating mythical stories that constitute today a large part of our collective imagination.

(This book is due to be published in September 2012. If you would be interesting in reviewing it, feel free to contact us.)


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