Local relationships building global scholarship

It is a common known fact that nothing really exists these days until there is photographic evidence to support it. Therefore, without further ado, it brings me great pleasesure to announce (and corroborate with images) a new partnership between ourselves and one of the wold’s most eminent theological institutions, Tyndale House.

James Clarke & Co. managing director, Adrian Brink and Tyndale House warden, Dr Peter Williams with a selection of the titles involved in the Tyndale House Showcase Scheme.

Tyndale House is an internationally recognised centre for biblical study which has had an immeasurable impact on the global church.  Pastors, students and scholars from across the world come every year to study at Tyndale House, with former readers including J.I. Packer, John Stott, Wayne Grudem, D.A. Carson, and John Piper. Books are written, PhD’s are completed, courses are planned, and sermons are composed all done with the aid of Tyndale’s specialist, residential library.

Since February of this year, when Dr Elizabeth Magba retired as librarian, Simon Sykes has been at the helm, ensuring the library continues to meet the needs of its users and stearing it towards a -quite literally- bigger and bighter future. Amongst numerous other developments Simon has been busy striking up publisher partner schemes to keep the library fully stocked with the most important new titles in biblical studies; and we are very proud to say that these include an ever growing number of James Clarke & Co and Lutterworth Press titles!

Tyndale house is a unique establishment providing medium- or long-term accommodation in the heart of Cambridge for scholars carrying out research in biblical studies.

For more information on Tyndale House, the Tyndale Library and the associated scholarly organization, the Tyndale Fellowship, sign up for their monthy E-newsletters by clicking here or better yet, drop by the House on Saturday 6th October for their open day an see if you can spot our titles in the library.


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