The Intern says Goodbye

By Fritz Stemmer
Intern – Publicity department


Day One began uncomfortably. The English chair was a bit hard and the computer screen tended to flicker every now and again. At the end of the day this had resulted in an aching back and irritated eyes.  But those inconveniences were remedied on Day Two and the old German back got somehow used to the seat, respectively.


Since then, no complaints.

Six months vanished during which I was entrusted with evermore new and exciting tasks. It was an internship rich in variety of work. A nice accompaniment to the job was that while the daily tasks slowly grew in importance to the point where I was allowed to write press releases and process reviews and mails, in the kitchen the biscuits and cake became more and more with every week. As one of three international interns, I always had the feeling my English colleagues appreciated that people from a foreign country come over to experience English everyday life and working routines. At this point of my post I want to state my gratitude towards them. I did not only learn about publicity work in a publishing house but about English culture in general: the (pub) lunch rituals, their absolutely positive attitude towards the German neighbour and their capability to drink massive amounts of tea.

Now I will leave the Lutterworth Press and Cambridge, this idyllic city. Not because I am tired of the job but because there are some “duties” waiting for me at home. What is left for me to say is that I can only recommend this experience to everyone who is interested in an internship in the publishing industry and who is looking for work in a lovely environment with genuinely nice people.

It has been a wonderful time!


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