Medieval Month

We have some exciting new books on medieval saints being published next month. Both are written by Douglas Dales, an author known for his studies of medieval figures in the Church. He has previously written Light to the Isles: Mission and Theology in Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Britain, a story of the very beginnings of the Christian church in Britain and the influential leadership of Saints Patrick, Augustine, and Bede, as well as Alcuin: His Life and Legacy, about the life of a little-studied yet very important figure in politics and the church.

The titles to be released next month are a companion to the aforementioned Alcuin book, Alcuin: Theology and Thought, a study of his theology, and a paperback release of Dunstan: Saint and Statesman – histories of two of the most important figures in the formation of the earlyImage church.Image Alcuin’s study and teaching of theology left a lasting impression on the practice of the Church. He helped unite the English and Continental Churches’ theology, and thus left a lasting impression within the Catholic Church of Western Europe. This book explains Alcuin’s theology through his writings, some of which have never been translated into English before. Dunstan was himself influenced by his Alcuin, and went on to be a major force of development in the English Church and society after the death of King Alfred. This book discusses both Dunstan’s actions, including his reformation of the monasteries, and his life as a statesman and craftsman.

These new releases from Douglas Dales offer readers a more comprehensive understanding of the foundations of the early medieval church and the men who shaped it.

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