New Theology Titles

We have two new intriguing theological titles being published in the next two months. Divine Essence and Divine Energies: Ecumenical Reflections on the Presence of God in Eastern Orthodoxy by Dr C. Athanasopoulos and Christoph Schneider is due out on the 25th of April, and Denuded Devotion to Christ: The Ascetic Piety of Protestant True Religion in the Reformation by Larry D. Harwood is due out on the 30th of May.

Divine Essence and Divine Energies
Available 25/04/2013

Divine Essence and Divine Energies builds on the results of a Colloquium organised by the Institute for Orthodox Studies at Cambridge, and within it is a large spectrum of current views on religion from the top Orthodox, Anglican, Catholic and Calvinist theologians of our time. These theologians have assessed the nature and significance of this Orthodox idea of a distinction between divine essence and divine energy that has no equivalence in Western tradition. This collection of essays is a fascinating exploration of the origins and function of the essence-energy distinction in Eastern Orthodoxy, as well as how this idea relates to Western theology, especially that of Aquinas, Luther, Calvin, and Karl Barth.

Larry D. Harwood’s book will be available 30/05/2013

Denuded Devotion to Christ on the other hand, focuses specifically on the theological basis of the Protestant Reformation. It argues that the protestant reformers, in an effort to combat the errors and abuses of early medieval Christianity, called for the limitation of the material aspect of the Christian faith, leading to a distrust of anything material and a reliance on only the spiritual element of the mind. This book points out the misunderstandings and overemphasis on rational philosophy that saw the God of these reformers becoming similar to the “god of the philosophers.”  Dr Harwood Clearly defines this problem and the effect it has had on the “true religion” of the protestants.

These two novels both provide us with new and thought-provoking perspectives on well-established theological traditions, and we are excited to release them soon.


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