Review! Contemporary Muslim and Christian Responses to Religious Plurality

9780227680261_cover Muslim-Christian.indd
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Contemporary Muslim and Christian Responses to Religious Plurality
Wolfhart Pannenberg in Dialogue with Abdulaziz Sachedina
By Lewis E. Winkler
ISBN: 9780227680261

“Muslim and Christian readers alike will benefit from and appreciate the way Winkler interprets Sachedina and compares and contrasts him with other Islamic voices that promote polemics and coercion of people outside Islam and of different traditions within Islam. Readers will come away with a better understanding of Islam and also a larger view of how Christians can approach inter-faith dialogue and religious pluralism without defensiveness or aggressive, threatening evangelism. […] Winkler’s work is useful and a signpost for fresh encounters between Christians and Muslims. It can be commended for reading by practitioners of Christian-Muslim dialogue, for graduate and undergraduate students in this field.

Ian G. Williams, The Muslim World Book Review, 33:2. 2013


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