Confessing the Faith Yesterday and Today




Confessing the Faith Yesterday and Today

Essays Reformed, Dissenting, and Catholic

By Alan P. F. Sel

ISBN: 9780227174197

Due for release: 26/09/2013

What does it mean to confess the faith?

The Christian faith has been communicated in a variety of contexts over the past two millennia and today, different Christian denominations confess their faith in different ways. In this book, Alan P. F. Sell poses two questions: what is it to confess the faith and, more particularly, what is the status of the classical Reformed confessions?

After examining the history of English Separatists and Dissenters and their thoughts on the Anglican Settlement, the author explores a variety of writings which flowed from the pens of early Separatists and Dissenters as they sought to confess the faith in their severely restricted socio-political contexts. Sell then focuses on our own time, finding issues of tolerance still very much alive. The end of Part One evaluates this rich history, but concludes that the classical arguments for the existence of God and the alleged “evidences” of miracle and the fulfilment of prophecy can no longer serve Christian believers as once they might have done. What is required is a fresh approach to Christian apologetic method.

In the second part of the volume, Sell focuses on the essence of Christian confessing as an ecclesial, and not simply an individual, calling. He considers the fact that the Church, as Calvin said, cannot be divided, for there is one Head of the Church, Jesus Christ. The author offers some personal reflections on this issue, focusing on an important result of the modern ecumenical movement: the increasing respect and affection that has been generated among Christians of various denominations as they have learned from one anoth­er and mutually shared their insights.

Confessing the Faith Yesterday and Today is a remarkable study of the differences between Christian denominations and a thorough reflection of what confessing the faith really means.


About the Author: Alan P. F. Sell, of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, is a philosopher-theologian and ecumenist who has held academic posts in England, Canada, and Wales, and ecclesiastical posts in England and Geneva. He is the author of over thirty books.

About the publisher: James Clarke and Co Ltd is a long-established British academic publisher specialising in historical and theological books and also in reference material. It has been associated with the Lutterworth Press since 1984.

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