Review! Religion, Gender, and Industry

Religion, gender and industry cover.indd
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Religion, Gender, and Industry

Exploring Church and Methodism in a Local Setting

by Geordan Hammond and Peter S. Forsaith (eds.)

ISBN: 9780227173879

“This volume is of significance to students of Methodism because it brings us closer to understanding the special, perhaps unique way that Methodism functioned in Madeley as an integral component of Anglican parish ministry. […] This volume shines by bringing together strong work by historians in all of these areas, creating an unusually fruitful set of perspectives and juxtapositions. […] It is very hard to find such a wealth of recent scholarship in such an accessible and affordable form. This slim, well-edited volume is certainly of interest to scholars interested in English Methodism; it might also be of use in courses that examine the history and development of Methodism, the theological development of Methodism, or the ministry of women.”

Brian Clark, Methodist History, Vol. 50.3, April 2012


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