Theology and Issues of Life and Death


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Theology and Issues of Life and Death

by John Heywood Thomas & Edited by Susan F. Parsons

ISBN: 9780227174203

Due for pre-release: 30/01/2014

John Heywood Thomas argues that theology becomes redundant in its purpose if it is speculative, but not practical. This collection of essays, based on a series of lectures given by John Heywood Thomas, and edited by Susan F. Parsons, explores Heywood Thomas’s understanding of the ‘usefulness’ of theology and its engagement with poignant and pressing questions that arise from reflections upon birth, death, and the future of the world. By emphasising that theologians have an imperative, unique and significant role to play in raising awareness of these issues and shaping both political discussion and public debate, Heywood Thomas compels his readers to be practical in their theology, thus making it unquestionably necessary.

At a time when, for example, medical innovations are causing increasingly immaterial ethical dilemmas – the public and legal stance on abortion and euthanasia – Heywood Thomas’s work serves to highlight the importance of exploring these issues from a theological stance.

With continuous reference to the works of Søren Kierkegaard and Paul Tillich, in relation to issues of personal death, the end of the world, global warming, nuclear proliferation, and political instability, John Heywood Thomas and Susan F. Parsons present us with an insightful and intellectually stimulating examination of life’s most ubiquitous questions which will find favour with both academics and students alike.


 About the Author: John Heywood Thomas, Emeritus Professor of Nottingham University, was Head of its Department of Theology and successively Pro-Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Arts Faculty. He had taught previously at the University of Manchester, Episcopal Seminary Austin, Texas, and the University of Durham. Described by Paul Tillich as his “logical critic”, he has written studies of Tillich as well as of Kierkegaard.

 About the publisher: James Clarke and Co Ltd is a long-established British academic publisher specialising in historical and theological books and also in reference material. It has been associated with the Lutterworth Press since 1984.

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