Allegorizing History: The Venerable Bede, Figural Exegesis and Historical Theory

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Click on the image for more information and details!

Allegorizing History: The Venerable Bede, Figural Exegesis and Historical Theory

By Timothy J. Furry

ISBN: 9780227174241

 Due for release: 29/05/2014

I want to demonstrate the limits of history so they can be transcended.”



 Since its advent in the nineteenth century as an academic discipline, historians have created narratives to understand history and have provided innumerable interpretations on how the past should be read. Many have speculated about its nature, but only a few have understood how historical narratives are an intrinsic legacy of biblical exegesis.


In this volume, Timothy J. Furry conceptualises a mutual relationship between History and Scriptural interpretation, arguing that the structure of historical writing is deeply rooted in Theology and Philosophy, and therefore all history can be regarded as essentially allegorical or figural.


The theoretical touchstone for Furry’s argument is the Venerable Bede, from whom the author’s argument departs, taking in the work of Saint Augustine, Constantin Fasolt and Erich Auerbach, and culminating with the contributions made by the disciples of contemporary theology, historical theory, and postmodern philosophy.

Allegorizing History returns to a primordial question with the intellectual freshness of an interdisciplinary perspective, shedding light on Bede scholarship and presenting new insights on the role of historical writing. It will certainly appeal to those studying History, Theology, or Philosophy, but also to those interested in the relationship between history and exegesis, from the past to the present.



About the Author: Timothy J. Furry (PhD, University of Dayton) is Instructor of Religion and Philosophy and Chaplain at Cranbrook Kingswood Upper School, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. He is co-editor of Ecclesiology and Exclusion (2012) and author of multiple theological essays, book chapters, and reviews.

About the publisher: James Clarke and Co Ltd is a long-established British academic publisher specialising in historical and theological books and also in reference material. It has been associated with the Lutterworth Press since 1984.

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