Review! The Abduction of Dinah: Genesis 28:10-35 :15 as a Votive Narrative, by Daniel Hankore

9780227173961_cover dinah.inddThe Abduction of Dinah: Genesis 28:10-35:15 as a Votive Narrative

by Daniel Hankore

ISBN: 9780227173961

The Abduction of Dinah provides the reader with a thorough analysis of the Jacob narrative of Genesis 28:10-35:15, offering some valuable insights into the thematic significance of this text. Hankore also provides a helpful overview of the Hebrew votive system and its significance as a locus of meaning within the Jacob tradition.”

Caroline Blyth, Univeristy of Auckland, Journal of Theological Studies, Vol 65, Issue 1, (April, 2014)



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