Islam, Peace, and Social Justice

Press Release

Islam, Peace and Social Justice: A Christian Perspective

                                             By A. Christian van Gorder

                                  ISBN: 9780227174227

                                            Due for release: 29/05/2014


In an era that celebrates religious diversity but is evidently uncomfortable with it, faith has often been blamed as the cause of many acts of irrational and cold-blooded violence. Religious fanaticism has become an expression incessantly repeated in the media, used to explain a myriad of catastrophic images and speeches imbued with verbosity and rhetoric.

No other religion has been more attacked or more misunderstood than Islam. Islam, Peace, and Social Justice: A Christian Perspective, confronts this proclivity and offers an empathic and comprehensive analysis on the true essences of Islamic principles and practices.

With deference to the Qur’an, Dr. A. Christian van Gorder explains how justice, not violence, lies in the heart of Islam. Nonetheless, this tome is not a mere theoretical sermon; it reveals concrete examples of what has been done by Muslim communities around the world to confront, and deal with, the social and political injustices of our time. Presenting keen insights into some of the most debated issues, as well as some of the frequently overlooked topics associated with Muslim-majority nations, such as jihad, economical and political oppression, suppression of civil and human rights, genocide, slavery, gender and sexual discrimination, and the Islamic stance on ecology, this is work of enormous scope.

Islam, Peace and Social Justice is a book written from a Christian perspective, by a friend of Muslims. It reads as an unbiased description of Islam and Islamic history, which aims more to highlight the points of convergence between Christians, Muslims and Jews, than their divergences. Those interested in the promotion of social justice will certainly benefit from this work, as well as scholars and students of Islamic studies, comparative religion and toleration or sociology of religion. Because it offers concrete suggestions for pursuing interfaith partnerships, it will also be of particular interest to members of Christian and Muslim communities, who want to explore the challenges of interfaith dialogue in our increasingly global culture.




About the Author: Dr A. Christian van Gorder is Associate Professor of Islamic Studies and Muslim-Christian Relations. He gained his Doctorate of Philosophy from Queen’s University of Belfast. He is the author of many books, including Violence in God’s Name: Christian and Muslim Relations in Nigeria (2012) and No God but God: A Path to Muslim-Christian Discussions about the Nature of God (2003).

About the publisher: James Clarke and Co Ltd is a long-established British academic publisher specialising in historical and theological books and also in reference material. It has been associated with the Lutterworth Press since 1984.

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