Free Chapter Available! Study the Bible, Scriptural Epistemology of Error

Biblical Knowing
A Scriptural Epistemology of Error

by Dru Johnson

ISBN: 9780227174388

A rigorous examination of the epistemological issues raised by Scripture, and how the biblical approach to human knowledge compares with that of modern philosophy.


Chapter 1: How Should We Conceive of Knowledge and Error?
We walk by faith and not by sight (2 Cor 5:7). What does this mean? Certainly, picturing the Christian life as a walk fits within the collective imagination of the biblical writers. But what are we to do with Paul’s jux-taposition of faith and sight? Regardless of the Apostle Paul’s intended meaning, a common Christian interpretation has pictured something akin to “faith as a blind walk.” Depicting the Christian life as a walk, where Believers grow in knowledge of the Creator and His creation, certainly fits the biblical picture. From ancient Israelite faith to its extension into Christianity, the metaphor of life as a walk (the peripateticlife) has beencommon, though not always the kind associated with … A free download of this chapter is available on our website, click here!



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