Free Chapter Available! Paul’s Non-Violent Gospel

Paul’s Non-Violent Gospel
The Theological Politics of Peace in Paul’s Life and Letters
by Jeremy Gabrielson

ISBN: 9780227174654

An insightful study of St Paul’s commitment to peace and non-violence, exploring the personal, theological and political aspects of his advocacy of a way of life at odds with the dominant ideologies of his time.


Chapter 3:  The Memory of a Non-Violent Jesus in Paul’s Letters:
If Matthew’s gospel is representative of the early church’s memory of Jesus as one who eschewed violence, Paul’s letters hold the potential to push the evidence for this picture of Jesus earlier still. Surprisingly, little has been made of this particular continuity between Jesus and Paul, and the pres-ent chapter will be an attempt not just at filling this gap in the scholarly treatments already on offer, for I will also demonstrate that this particular continuity is one of the most salient features of early Christianity, Pauline or otherwise. At the very real risk of falling into the familiar ruts of exploring the continuities (or in some cases divergences) between Jesus and Paul, 1I want to revisit this issue by focusing on… A free download of this chapter is available on our website, click here!


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