Free Chapter – triune God in the Trinitarian doctrine

Communion with the TriuneCommunion with the Triune God
The Trinitarian Soteriology of T.F. Torrance

by Dick O. Eugenio

ISBN: 9780227174531

An insightful study of the role of the doctrine of salvation in the thought of the Scottish theologian Thomas F. Torrence, emphasising and elucidating the Trinitarian foundations of his soteriology.


Chapter1: Scientific, Evangelical, and Trinitarian Soteriology:
n Daniel Hardy’s evaluation, in respect to content and form, Torrance’s theology is both declarative and relational. First, it is declarative because it determines and demonstrates core Christian doctrines as they developed through the history of the church, particularly in relation to the patristic conciliar declarations on the doctrine of the Trinity. Evidence is found in his conspicuous preoccupation with the doctrinal formula-tions of Athanasius and the Reformation in his writings. In this sense, Torrance’s theology is more… A free download of this chapter is available on our website, click here!

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