Free Chapter Available! Letters of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

Letters of Ascent 9780227174418Letters of Ascent
Spiritual Direction in the Letters of Bernard of Clairvaux

By Jeff Brown

ISBN: 9780227174418

A study of the letters of the twelfth-century Cistercian abbot St Bernard of Clairvaux, revealing his skillful use of the epistolatory form as a vehicle for spiritual guidance.


Chapter 1: Bernard of Clairvaux in the Twelfth-Century World:
Some individuals are born before their time. These unique people find themselves in a culture unprepared for their ideas, technological or scientific insights, or philosophical theories. Peter Abelard, the twelfth-century philosopher and theologian, was one of these people. Peter’s contemporary, Bernard of Clairvaux, was not. Bernard de Fontaines (1090–1153) entereda Europe and an ecclesiastical system perfectly… A free download of this chapter is available on our website, click here!


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