Free Chapter – How much do you know about the Acts of the Apostles?

Acts of Paul The Acts of Paul
New Translation with Introduction and Commentary


by Richard I. Pervo
ISBN: 9780227174616

An extensive, erudite and well-referenced commentary on the Acts of Paul, one of the most important of the Apocryphal Acts, including an improved translation of the text.


Commentary on Chapters 1 and 2:
As is the case with all the ApocActs save ATh om, the opening is lost. The po-sition taken here is that APl opened with an account of his “conversion” near Damascus. See also Rordorf, “Conversion.” Chapter 9 refers to the event. This does not exclude an earlier account, for the canonical Acts, a major model for APl, reported the experience in chap. 9 and repeated it in first-person speeches by Paul in chaps. 22 and 26. The two texts may disagree about the place where Paul’s change took place, but this is not certain, since the flashback account in chap. 9 is not quite specific. Although the Rylands fragment lacks any context, it is usually presumed, with good reason, to stem from… A free download of this chapter is available on our website, click here!

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