Monthly Special Offers!

It’s a new month and a new selection of monthly special offers. We hope you will find much to ignite some May time discussion in these books. As you may be aware already each month we have three titles available at 10% off and one title for 20% off.

The regular special offers are:


An Introduction to Reformed Dogmatics
By Auguste Lecerf
A profound study of the nature and basis of religious knowledge that offers a valuable critique of European philosophy from the standpoint of orthodox Calvinism.
Paperback available at £28.75 £25.88

Following Jesus in Invaded Space: Doing Theology on Aboriginal Land
By Chris Budden
A critical theological discourse on the displacement of indigenous peoples from their lands, encouraging a theological dialogue that is more open to the voices and experience of the maginalised and dispossessed.
Paperback available at £18.50 £16.65

The Religion of Ancient Israel
By T.C. Vriezen
Based on a range of textual, literary and archaeological evidence, this informative guide to the religion of the Semitic peoples reveals both their religious practice and the place it occupied in their civilisation.
Paperback available at £26.25 £23.63


And May’s monthly 20% offer is for:

Death and Resurrection
The Shape and Function of a Literary Motif in the Book of Acts
By Dennis J. Horton

Horton Cover.indd

Was £18.50, Now £15.73
An in-depth exploration of the motif of death and resurrection in the Acts of the Apostles, and the theological and sociological role that it plays in the Lukan narrative.

Are there any titles you’d like to see on offer from James Clarke & Co soon? Let us know in the comments.



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