June: Monthly Special Offers!

It’s a new month and a new selection of monthly special offers. As you may be aware already each month we have three titles available at 10% off and one title for 20% off.

The regular special offers are:

Proof of External World 9780227172674 .jpgJesus through Many Eyes 9780227170304.jpgSpeak Thus 9780227172711.jpg

The Proof of the External World: Cartesian Theism and the Possibility of Knowledge
By Steven M. Duncan
This fastinating analysis of Descartes’ epistemology attempts to set forth a viable theistic approach to the problems of knowledge, and in particular our knowledge of the external world.
Paperback available at £21.25 £19.13

Jesus Through Many Eyes: Introduction to the Theology of the New Testament
By Stephen Neill
In this guide to New Testament theology, Bishop Neill shows that within the many traditions and interpretations of Jesus there is an underlying unity of faith summed up in the words: Resurrection-Spirit-Reconciliation.
Paperback available at £21.25 £19.13

Speak Thus: Christian Language in Church and World
By Craig R. Hovey
A challenging exploration of the possibilities and limitations of the language of Christianity in the modern world.
Paperback available at £21.25 £19.13


And June’s monthly 20% offer is for:

Martin Luther and Buddhism
Aesthetics of Suffering
By Paul S. Chung

Martin Luther and Buddhism 9780227172940.jpg

Was £27.00, Now £22.95
An examination of the Lutheran theology of suffering in the context of the spiritual traditions of Asia.

Are there any titles you’d like to see on offer from James Clarke & Co soon? Let us know in the comments.


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