#Reviews from the Heythrop Journal

We are very privileged to have had a large number of our titles reviewed in the latest volumes of the esteemed Heythrop Journal, from titles on Karl Barth to Paul’s Gospel. Keep reading the Heythrop Journal for more reviews of James Clarke & Co’s theological books.

Richard Hooker and the Vision of God
Exploring the Origins of ‘Anglicanism’
By Charles Miller
ISBN: 9780227174005

9780227174067_coverRichard.indd“Miller has written a clear and accessible account of Hooker’s theology, illuminating very helpfully the context in which he wrote, while also apprecitating the complexity of Hooker’s contested legacy during subsequent periods in Anglican history including the present. … Miller has made a valuable contribution not only to the study of Richard Hooker as an historical figure of importance to Anglicanism, but opened his writings as a gift to the Church today.”

N.H. Taylor, Heythrop Journal, Vol. 57 Iss. 2, March 2016

Karl Barth and the Resurrection of the Flesh
The Loss of the Body in Participatory Eschatology
By Nathan Hitchcock
ISBN: 9780227174104

Karl Barth Resurrection 9780227174104“Hitchcock demonstrates in a well-researched and astutely written volume the difficulties that Barth encountered while pressing the mystery of resurrection too much, and how the failings get submerged even lost in his massive theological enterprise.”

Paul Brazier, Heythrop Journal, Vol. 56 Iss. 6, November 2015

Paul’s Message and Ministry in Covenant Perspective
Selected Essays
By Scott J. Hafemann
ISBN: 9780227175385

Paul's Message_9780227175385“…masterful and insightful… This volume is highly recommended for scholars and graduate students working on Paul or the New Testament… Certain essays will also prove beneficial for certain other audiences as well, particualrly pastoral leaders and undergraduates.”

Jacob J. Prahlow, Heythrop Journal, Vol. 57 Iss. 4, July 2016

The God Who Is Beauty
Beauty as a Divine Name in Thomas Aquinas and Dionysius the Areopagite
By Brendon Thomas Sammon
ISBN: 9780227174296

God Who Is Beauty_9780227174296“This is a brilliant book on both Dionysus’s On the Divine Names and Thomas Aquinas’ commentary; it hammers in a final nail that forces modernity to re-configure its understanding of the relation between Greek and Medieval philosophy.”

Patrick Madigan, Heythrop Journal, Vol. 57 Iss. 2, March 2016

Eternal Blessedness for All?
A Historical-Systematic Examination of Schleiermacher’s Understanding of Predestination
By Anette I. Hagan
ISBN: 9780227174302

9780227174302_cover Eternal.indd“…this is a salutory and well researched study…”

Paul Brazier, Heythrop Journal, Vol. 56 Iss. 6, November 2015

The Acts of Paul
A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary
By Richard I. Pervo
ISBN: 9780227174616

Acts of Paul “…the present-day reader is in Richard Pervo’s debt for his scholarly work on the text, its translation and his detailed commentary.”

Geoffrey Turner, Heythrop Journal, Vol. 57 Iss. 4, July 2016

Paul’s Non-Violent Gospel
The Theological Politics of Peace in Paul’s Life and Letters
By Jeremy Gabrielson
ISBN: 9780227174654

Pauls Non Violent“This is an excellent study that brings out a strand of Paul’s theology that should not be ignored and it also contributes to the on-going debate about the connections between Jesus and Paul, showing that on this theme Paul had received something from Jesus at his conversion experience and from the sayings-tradition of Jesus that Paul received from the earliest followers of Jesus.”

Geoffrey Turner, Heythrop Journal, Vol. 57 Iss. 4, July 2016

Theologizing Friendship
How Amicitia in the Thought of Aelred and Aquinas Inscribes the Scholastic Turn
By Nathan Lefler
ISBN: 9780227174814

Theologizing Friendship_9780227174814“…he [Nathan Lefler] is even-handed, perspicacious, and penetrating…”

Patrick Madigan, Heythrop Journal, Vol. 57 Iss. 2, March 2016

Paul’s Pisidian Antioch Speech
(Acts 13)
By John Eifion Morgan-Wynne
ISBN: 9780227174975

Paul's Pisidian Antioch Speech 9780227174975“John Morgan-Wynne has produced a lucid, schorlarly and systematic analysis of the speech that Luke presents of Paul in Pisidian Antioch on his first journey in Asia Minor (Acts 13). It is the first such study in English for some years and so brings us up to date with all the relevant literature.”

Geoffrey Turner, Heythrop Journal, Vol. 57 Iss. 4, July 2016

Nature and Grace
A New Approach to Thomistic Ressourcement
By Andrew Dean Swafford
ISBN: 9780227175026

Nature and Grace_9780227175026“This is a fascinating study of the cultural fashions that have influenced approaches to the nature/grace relationship.”

Patrick Madigan, Heythrop Journal, Vol. 56 Iss. 6, November 2015

Election, Atonement and the Holy Spirit
Through and Beyond Barth’s Theological Interpretation of Scripture
By Matthias Grebe
ISBN: 9780227175170

Election Atonement and_9780227175170“…this study is a seriously considered, erudite, and a relatively conclusive work, exhibiting sound biblical exegesis, offering fresh insights to an understanding of atonement generally, and is an excellent contribution to Barthian studies.”

Paul Brazier, Heythrop Journal, Vol. 56 Iss. 6, November 2015


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