The Secrets of Glastonbury

As waves of modern music and culture roll over Glastonbury for the increasingly popular Glastonbury Festival, we can’t help but reflect on the fascinating history and mythology surrounding this city.

We have here at James Clarke & Co two books of particularly fascinating interest by Katherine Maltwood, who claimed discovery of the Glastonbury Temple of the Stars. In her books she explores her evidence and theories behind what is known as a landscape zodiac.

Landscape Zodiacs are formed using features in the landscape across a large area, roads and streams and so forth to create a diagram of the traditional zodiac over the landscape. Known as The Temple of the Stars the idea has been given a life of its own and found connections in Glastonbury’s other tales, such as the Holy Grail, Avalon and Glastonbury Thorn.

Fact or fiction there is no denying that Glastonbury’s Temple of the Stars presents some fascinating food for thought and can only enhance an understanding of mythological ideas and constructs.

Copies of Katherine Maltwood’s books can be ordered from our website:

A Guide to Glastonbury’s Temple of the StarsTemple of Stars 0227678672
By K.E. Maltwood
ISBN: 9780227678671

An account of the author’s discovery of prehistoric man-made ground patterns in the Glastonbury area and their zodiacal significance.




Enchantments of Britain 022767832XThe Enchantments of Britain
King Arthur’s Round Table of the Stars
By K.E. Maltwood
ISBN: 9780227678329

A collection of essays tracing the ideas and history behind the great Zodiac of Glastonbury, bringing together sources from religion, mythology and history to weave a complex and fascinating story.


2 thoughts on “The Secrets of Glastonbury

  1. Vicky

    What I’d like to know is how much you’d be willing to pay for a 1st edition of both the original 1935 first edition of temple of the stars and the 1937 air views and maps? (not in perfect condition, but quite reasonable)?

    Is it worth my while?

    1. Hello Vicky, thank you for your comment. I’m afraid we do not buy books as we are a book publisher. However I am hopeful that whomever you find interested in your first edition copies finds great value in them and pays you appropriately.

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