August: Monthly Special Offers!

This August we bring your more of our monthly special offers. Each month we offer three titles at 10% off and one title for 15% off on our website:

For August the special offers are:

9780227172254 Communion in the MessIn the End, God...Miracles and Revelation 9780227171790

Communion in the Messiah: Studies in the Relationship between Judaism and Christianity
By Lev Gillet
This challenging book develops two main themes: the substitution of dialogue for the one-sided ‘mission to the Jews’, and the communion of Jews and Christians in the one Messiah.
Paperback was £21.75 now £19.58

In the End, God… : A Study of the Christian Doctrine of the Last Things
By John A.T. Robinson
An important and challenging reinterpretation of the traditional themes of Christian eschatology, locating their true theological significance in the lives and experience of the faithful.
Paperback was £21.25 now £19.13

Miracles and Revelation
By John Lawton
A study of the role of miracles in the Bible and of the way in which changing concepts of faith and of revelation have altered the understanding of the miraculous.
Paperback was £27.00 now £24.30
And June’s monthly 15% offer is for:

The New Testament Concept of Atonement: The Gospel of the Calvary Event
By H.D. McDonald

New Testament Concept of Atonement 9780227172421
A detailed study of the New Testament concentrating on the Christian doctrine of salvation and atonement, examining the importance of Christ’s atoning act for man’s redemption.


Paperback was £21.25 now £17.21

Are there any titles you’d like to see on offer from James Clarke & Co soon? Let us know in the comments.


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