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Here at James Clarke & Co we are pleased to be able to share with you all our new reviews from the likes of The Expository Times, CRC Press and others. If any of these titles interest you, please don’t hesitate to click on these links for further information and purchasing options.


Ever-Moving ReposeEver-Moving Repose: A Contemporary Reading of Maximus the Confessor’s Theory of Time
By Sotiris Mitralexis

‘This book will be important both to theologians looking to further explore Maximus’ works and their relevance for today, and to philosophers interested in ancient conceptions of time and the way these may challenge our contemporary understanding of physics.’

Emma Brown Dewhurst, Ludwig Maximilians Universitat Munchen, The Expository Times, Volume 130, Number 6, March 2019


Mary Sumner: Mission, Education and Motherhood: Thinking a Life with BourdieuMary Sumner
By Sue Anderson-Faithful

‘The Book has a useful timeline, and provides biographical notes on significant women activists of the period during which Sumner lived. There is a thorough bibliography.’

Gloria Cadman, CRC News, Book Reviews



The Final Days of JesusThe Final Days of Jesus: The Thrill of Defeat, The Agony of Victory: A Classical Historian Explores Jesus’s Arrest, Trial, and Execution
By Mark D. Smith

‘Anyone picking up and either reading or flicking through the pages of this book will be rewarded with a clearer insight of the classical world into which the critical events of the Gospel took root as that world understood it.’

P Mark Pullinger, CRC News, Book Reviews


The Artist and the Trinity: Dorothy L. Sayers’ Theology of WorkThe Artist and the Trinity
By Christine M. Fletcher

‘This is a good book to read if you’ve never heard of Sayers, if you already love one aspect of her work (as novelist, playwright, or theologian), or even if you are familiar with all of her work.’

Jennifer Woodruff Tait, Diversity, Future of the Movement, Resource Reviews


KempeKempe: The Life, Art and Legacy of Charles Eamer Kempe
By Adrian Barlow

‘One comes away with a sense of the shape of Kempe’s life, an interesting set of insights into his working methods, and, above all, the sense that he’s a considerable artist.’ ‘Adrian Barlow’s Kempe will send people back to the work, with much more background knowledge, with a clearer understanding of how his big Victorian studio worked, and, above all, with new enthusiasm and new eyes.’

Phillip Wilk, ‘Into the Light’, English Buildings, 29 November 2018


Stay tuned for more reviews soon!

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