About the Publicity Team

New faces

David MugshotDavid Bishop graduated with a degree in Creative Writing from historical Winchester and an MA in Publishing from the Anglia Ruskin University. He also occasionally does some work as part of the sales and publicity team, if there’s not chocolate about…



For information on becoming part of the Lutterworth publicity team check out our website or contact us at: sales@lutterworth.com

Publicity we have known and loved

Emily Jones studied English Literature, History of Art & Education Studies at the University of Durham. She now enjoys forming a part of the sales and publicity super team at James Clarke & Co!

Felix Wolf is a German International Business student trying to bring some long needed efficiency into the office, as well as accelerating sales in Germany and testing the real life value of those theories that he learned whilst studying.

Lake Falconer studied English Literature with Creative Writing at Lancaster University. He felt like a break from student life, so now he’s providing support to the sales and publicity team as an intern. He hopes to get some experience in publicity before tackling an MA in Literary Studies.

Fiona Christie studied Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Leeds. Taking a break from using academic publications she enjoyed promoting and selling them with the help of her hard-working sidekicks!

Heshani G. Arachchige, a Comparative Literature and Culture graduate from Royal Holloway University of London, is excited to be part of the sales and publicity team and is passionate about publishing and puns. She also worked as part of the editorial team and designed the cover of Bodies, Borders, Believers.

Lancia Mucheru has recently completed her Social Sciences degree at the University of Kent. She has now joined our exciting team assisting Fiona Christie and is hard at work at being the best sidekick she can be!

Elena Bellini has recently completed her Translation and Publishing postgraduate degree  at the University of Pisa. She has just started her Intern adventure providing support to the sales team.

Matteo Ducci is an under graduate student at IULM university of Milan into the Digital Marketing Management Master’s Degree. He has started his Erasmus placement adventure providing support to the sales team.

Torah Dee is currently a Masters degree student in Publishing at Anglia Ruskin University. She has a BA in History and English and is interested in historical, theological and academic book publishing. Passionate about language and religious philosophy, she is thrilled to be part of the Lutterworth Press publicity team!

Elisabeth Oldenhove studied Romance languages (French and Spanish literatures) and did a specialisation in publishing at UCL (Catholic University of Lovaina), in Belgium. Passionate about literature in general, she has just started a three month internship in the sales and publicity department.

Blaise Fermor-Hesketh studied International Relations with History and Economics at the University of St. Andrews. Interested in eighteenth and nineteenth centruy political and diplomatic history, Blaise plans to pursue studies in these subjects.

Rosemary Hahn was an intern at the Lutterworth Press. She is an English Literature student at the University of Leeds. Rosemary has a passion for eighteenth and nineteenth century art and literature and was the queen of the press releases.

Rachel Shand  worked at The Lutterworth Press for just over six months. In that time she worked on the promotions for many titles such as the recently released Memory and Legacy by John Aplin and Talking the Talk by Pete Wilcox. She also worked very hard training interns and new starters.

Anna Pueyo worked part time on many titles including Peacemaking and Religious Violence and Longing for Spring.

Holly Crabbe, a previous intern at The Lutterworth Press, graduated from The University of Exeter and gained a full time position. She supported the team on all titles and personally worked on The Intercession of Rees Howells by Doris M. Ruscoe and The Web of Friendship by Joyce Ransome.

Jessica Murphy studied Literature and Politics at the University of California and has recently completed an MA in Publishing from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.  Armed with the selling power of adjectives and a healthy dose of enthusiasm, she is thrilled to be a part of the Lutterworth Press.

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