A Relevant Way to Read

“Margaret Sim shows how one of the leading theories of pragmatics – Relevance Theory – provides a comprehensive and enlightening account of how we communicate, and applies this rigorously to the New Testament. Her exposition shows how focusing on the communicative functions of words sheds light on many exegetical controversies involving issues such as how to identify irony, the flexibility of connectives, and the various uses of conditional sentences. The book is written in a clear and jargon-free manner that will make it accessible to advanced students of biblical studies and established biblical scholars with little or no prior exposure to linguistics and pragmatics.”
Steve Nicolle, Assistant Professor, Canada Institute of Linguistics,
Trinity Western University, Canada

Relevant Way to Read_9780227174425

A Relevant Way to Read: A New Approach to Exegesis and Communication
By Margaret G. Sim
ISBN: 9780227174425

A Relevant Way to Read, is one of our newer titles, a rigourously developed exegesis of the Gospels and Paul’s letters. Margaret G. Sim utlisises her indepth knowledge of New Testament Greek to bring us this inciteful and enlightening book. The book provides a clear and straightforward exploration of Relevance Theory in relation to an exegesis of the New Testament creating an new and deeper interpretation of the text.

For extracts, reviews and to order the book check our website here.

Margaret G. Sim works as a translation consultant for Wycliffe Bible Translators and is a learned academic who has lectured for many years in Biblical Studies and Translation at the Africa International University. She has also written another work, drawing on her extensive knowledge: Marking Thought and Talk in New Testament Greek is a focused linguistics study of the particle 'hina' in New Testament Greek. It is also available on our website here.



Ali and Nino Cover Bodies and Borders

By Heshani G. Arachchige


Bodies, Borders, Believers is a new title from James Clarke & Co. this June honouring Turid Karlsen Seim, the first woman to achieve a doctoral degree in theology from a Norwegian university. It presents a collection of essays that adhere to her academic interests, exploring themes such as gender analysis, bodily practises and ecumenical dialogue. To give you a clear idea of the range of topics explored in the book, Professor Bernadette J. Brooten of Brandeis University Scholars puts it best when she states that the book’s ‘scholars explore the borders between life and death, women and men, and Christians and Muslims; and discuss how belief can unite, not just divide’.

German 1937 cover
The original German cover published in 1937

These very themes build Kurbain Said’s tale of Ali and Nino. The book is about a Muslim boy from the East and a Christian girl from the West – individuals from opposite sides of a border raised by differing beliefs – who are able to grasp a notion that the world of contradiction around them cannot; their understanding that differences should be respected as much as similarities draw the two together through love. After numerous conflicting events, the couple come to marry and have a child; however, their story is based within the time period just prior to Soviet rule and Ali is intent on defending his homeland of Azerbaijan. He meets death just before the Bolsheviks take his country, and Nino leaves the reader in Georgia with their daughter. While labeled a romance, the book throws the notion of love into a time defined by conflict, and it is this backdrop of a negative against a positive that enhances the significance of the romance within readers’ minds; the novel was such a success that it was translated, from its original German tongue, into over thirty languages.

So powerful did Tamara Kvesitadze find the tale of the two lovers that she created a towering metal sculpture depicting the affair. Built in 2007 after being inspired by the sizenovel, the sculpture was renamed from “Man and Woman” to “Ali and Nino” in 2010 to dedicate itself completely to Said’s lovers. Located in Georgia, the sculpture towers twenty-six feet tall; a man and woman stand at some distance from one another until the seventh hour of each afternoon, when they move towards each other. The sculptures are designed in such a way that the two bodies slot perfectly into one another; after embracing and merging into one, the two bodies are moved onwards, through and away from one another, separating just as they did in the novel. However, the way in which the two unite to form something stronger than what they are individually represents the significance of the unity between Ali and Nino who, on paper, would have appeared as two astonishingly separate ends of a spectrum due to their differing backgrounds and upbringing. Said, however, took the differences as strengths, just as the scholars of Bodies, Borders, Believers explore differing genders, forces and religions and consider that the differences have the power to create strength by uniting.

Watch the sculptures here.

Monthly Special Offers!

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March’s monthly offers are:

Jesus and the Son of Man


By A.J.B. Higgins

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A study of the relationship between early Christian belief about Jesus and Jesus’ own teaching, and the problem that the Gospels, while professing to record the teaching of Jesus, do so through the eyes of early Christians.

Essays on the Lord’s Supper


By Oscar Cullmann and Franz J. Leenhardt

Was £19.75, now £17.78
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Two essays by distinguished Reformed scholars that present original interpretations of the central meaning of the Lord’s Supper.

He Ascended into Heaven


By John Gordon Davies
Was £26.25, now £23.63
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A key theological work in the doctrine of the Ascension that deals with the origin and significance of the Apostles’ Creed.

The Progress of Dogmaprogress

By James Orr

Was £47.50, now £42.75
Special Offer: 10% Discount
A study of the development of doctrine in the unfolding history of the Christian church.

Jewish Book Week!

With the annual Jewish Book Week upon us, the team at James Clark & Co. have the pleasure of exploring the dynamic history of the oldest literary festival in the UK.

2016 marks the sixty forth year of showcasing the most exciting, diverse and colourful works of contemporary Jewish culture at Kings Place. First founded by the Jewish Book Council in 1952, the festival was initially intended to span a temperate four day period, which has since grown to a nine day celebration of literature, ideas and a culture rich in literay endeavour. The Festival plays host to discussions, scheduled talks and musical performances, featuring special guests from the worlds of academia and media in delivering a series of events which are sure to entertain.

Festival Director Lucy Silver has been working alongside Co-Chair Gail Sandler since 2014 in ensuring the event is a success, promising to ‘bring you some of the most exciting figures in contemporary culture from all over the world to talk about their theories, their lives, their creations and their passions.’

The talks pose topics of variety; we are introduced to the relationship between the Greeks and the Jews, whether art and religion have a shared future, and even where modern physics will take Einstein’s theories of space-time and gravity! Alongside revolutionary ideas, the Festival also includes revolutionary authors. We are introduced to new works by writers such as Tracy Chevalier, Esther Freud and Professor Ian Morris, much like the authors of distinction seen in our own extensive backlog! 

At James Clark & Co. we begin with Jiri Langer’s Nine GatesGrowing up in Prague of Jewish parentage, Langer’s work allows an individual perspective into the Chassidic tales from Central Europe, providing a fascinating introduction to this mystical Jewish tradition. Likewise, in linguistic exploration, Jarvis J. Williams’ Christ Died for Our Sins: Representation and Substitution in Romans and their Jewish Martyrological Background studies the atonement of the Romans in explaining the roots of Paul’s theology of Jesus’ sacrifice, locating them in the cultic language of the martyrological narratives of Second Temple Judaism.

9780227175552_cover christ1.indd
Christ Died for Our Sins: Representation and Substitution in Romans and Their Jewish Martytological Background- Click through for more author information and reviews!


In conjunction with the diversity the  Jewish Book Festival provides, Alana M. Vincent probes the intersections between past and present, memory and identity, religion and nationality through sources from the  Hebrew Bible through to Commonwealth war graves in her most recent title, Making Memory: Jewish and Christian Explorations in Monument, Narrative, and Liturgy.

Making Memory 9780227174319
Christ Died for Our Sins: Representation and Substitution in Romans and Their Jewish Martytological Background- Click through for more author information and reviews!


Jewish Book Festival runs from the 18th-28th February, for further information, tickets and programmes, follow this link: http://www.jewishbookweek.com/


Got a Hankering for Karl Barth?

Cherry picking from our most recent newsletter of new titles and from a list of forthcoming titles there’s a bit of a theological thinker theme going on. If you’re in the mood for some philosophical and theological discourse then look no further.

First up we have possibly the greatest Protestant Theologian of the twentieth century; Karl Barth. Influencing many important figures with his thinking Karl Barth is a theolgian not to be ignored. In Claim of God Ethan A. Worthington offers an exposition of Barth’s doctrine of sanctification in his earlier theology and if you’re looking for more on Karl Barth and his other doctrines and theological thoughts check out the rest of our titles on him.

Claim of God_9780227175897

The Claim of God
Karl Barth’s Doctrine of Sanctification in His Earlier Theology

By Ethan A. Worthington

“This book presents a close, attentive, and convincing reading of Barth’s doctrine of sanctification during this period and makes a significant contribution to this neglected area of Barth studies.”
David Clough, Professor of Theological Ethics, University of Chester

Or perhaps you’d rather an insight into Emil Brunner, one of Karl Barth’s contemporaries. In Believing Thinking, Bounded Theology, Cynthia Bennett Brown explores the nature of and limits to theological thinking in Brunner’s own work. Emil Brunner, a Swiss pastor, professor, missionary, and theologian whose name is classed among the neo-orthodox thinkers of the last century is certainly a figure worthy of critical study and in-depth analysis. To get at the heart of his work why not read Brunner’s Dogmatics.

Believing Thinking_9780227175927

Believing Thinking, Bounded Theology
The Theological Methodology of Emil Brunner

By Cynthia Bennett Brown

“Those of us who wonder whether theology today needs fewer and not more voices will make an immediate exception after reading Brown’s volume. The author both rehabilitates this long-neglected theologian and persuades us that we neglect him today at our cost. With clarity and care, Brown reintroduces us to the thought of Brunner, once so influential on church and theology. We are edified and enriched.”
Stephen Williams, Professor of Systematic Theology, Union Theological College, Belfast

If a study of an individual theologian isn’t your cup of tea perhaps a comparison of two on a specific subject is more in order. In investigating the Christian theological understanding of the soul Yaroslav Viazovski looks at the body-soul dualism of John Calvin with the more holistic understanding of Karl Barth. Image & Hope is an analysis of the function and concept of the soul through John Calvin and Karl Barth’s distinct theologies. Soon to be published if your appetite for comparative studies of Karl Barth can’t wait why not try Theories of Justice by Stephanie Mar Brettman.

9780227176047_cover Image.indd

Image & Hope
on Body, Soul, and Life Everlasting

By Yaroslav Viazovski

“Viazovski has written a well-conceived book. He clearly states his thesis in the opening chapter and then presses his argument throughout the entire work with compelling force. He is to be commended for writing such a lucid, well-argued book. What is more, his book is thoughtprovoking to the point of displacing old paradigms. The work is, therefore, foundational and I believe others will build upon his scholarly insights.”
Jeffrey A. Stivason, Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Theology, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Finally, we have one last theologian to explore and another contemporay of Karl Barth. Adolf Schlatter was a world-leading Protestant theologian in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Union with Christ is the first extensive work on the Christology of Adolf Schlatter, it explores Schlatter’s evaluation of Kantianism, of the revival movement, of Ritschl and the Ritschl school, and of dialectical theologians, particularly Karl Barth. The book is also the winner of the 2015 Adolf Schlatter prize!

9780227175736_cover Union.indd

Union with Christ
Adolf Schlatter’s Relational Christology

By Michael Bräutigam

“Adolf Schlatter was a giant of German theology at the turn of the twentieth century who combined painstaking biblical scholarship with a unique grasp of theological issues in a way rivaled perhaps only by Bultmann. Bräutigam does a splendid job retrieving Schlatter’s Christology as a resource for contemporary theological reflection.”
Johannes Zachhuber, Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology, University of Oxford

If you’re tempted by any of these titles to sate you thirst for theological thinkers then just click any of the links to be taken to the main website and buy or pre-order at your leisure. Don’t forget to like and comment and feel free to start your own theological discussion, debates and comparisons below!

Free Chapter – How much do you know about the Acts of the Apostles?

Acts of Paul The Acts of Paul
New Translation with Introduction and Commentary


by Richard I. Pervo
ISBN: 9780227174616

An extensive, erudite and well-referenced commentary on the Acts of Paul, one of the most important of the Apocryphal Acts, including an improved translation of the text.


Commentary on Chapters 1 and 2:
As is the case with all the ApocActs save ATh om, the opening is lost. The po-sition taken here is that APl opened with an account of his “conversion” near Damascus. See also Rordorf, “Conversion.” Chapter 9 refers to the event. This does not exclude an earlier account, for the canonical Acts, a major model for APl, reported the experience in chap. 9 and repeated it in first-person speeches by Paul in chaps. 22 and 26. The two texts may disagree about the place where Paul’s change took place, but this is not certain, since the flashback account in chap. 9 is not quite specific. Although the Rylands fragment lacks any context, it is usually presumed, with good reason, to stem from… A free download of this chapter is available on our website, click here!

Free Chapter Available! history of the catholic church – new testament

Corporate Decision Making 9780227174692Corporate Decision-Making in the Church of the New Testament


by Jeff Brown


ISBN: 9780227174692


A social-historical examination of the decision-making processes within the early church as depicted in the New Testament, emphasising the two-way interaction between the leadership and their congregations.


Chapter 1: Historical Background:
Historians have debated the original order of the church for centuries,but none question that it developed significantly during its first six hundredyears. By the time of the division of Christendom into East and West, churchorder was well established, including a separate class of clergy (priests), variousorders of ministry, regional bishops, councils, and (at least in the West)a pope. During the Middle Ages, church order became more complex andsophisticated. The Pseudo-Dionysian writings exercised a pro… A free download of this chapter is available on our website, click here!