#NationalMapReadingWeek !

As 17-23rd October marks National Map Reading Week, here at James Clarke & Co. / The Lutterworth Press, we are taking the opportunity to brush up our navigation skills!

In association with Ordnance Survey, National Map Reading Week develops the opportunity for the next generation of map readers to understand how a flat piece of paper can show the real world. Map reading also improves spatial awareness in children, and is a crucial life skill for adults.

At James Clarke & Co, we have mapped both the land and the skies in A Guide to Glastonbury’s Temple of the Stars by K.E. Maltwood an account of the author’s discovery of prehistoric man-made ground patterns in the Glastonbury area and their zodiacal significance.

A Guide to Glastonbury’s Temple of the Stars by K.E Maltwood. Click through here for more details!

In recent years detailed archaeological study has shown that in parts of the world prehistoric man had a far deeper understanding of astronomy than traditional historians were willing to accept.

Glastonbury has always been at the heart of legends of chivalry and sanctity dating back for beyond written records, and has long excited the interest of scholars and seers. Yet it was not until the advent of aerial photography that its most dramatic archaeological secrets were revealed.

From studying these photographs and comparing them with detailed maps and the evidence of myth, Katherine Maltwood investigates these exciting discoveries and their meanings.

In this book, she reveals her discovery of a vast and complex pattern of figures in the contours and landmarks of the area. They form, in fact, a huge land chart of the Zodiac.

For more on Maltwood’s Temple of the Stars, author biography, extracts & other Lutterworthy reads, click here!



The Secrets of Glastonbury

As waves of modern music and culture roll over Glastonbury for the increasingly popular Glastonbury Festival, we can’t help but reflect on the fascinating history and mythology surrounding this city.

We have here at James Clarke & Co two books of particularly fascinating interest by Katherine Maltwood, who claimed discovery of the Glastonbury Temple of the Stars. In her books she explores her evidence and theories behind what is known as a landscape zodiac.

Landscape Zodiacs are formed using features in the landscape across a large area, roads and streams and so forth to create a diagram of the traditional zodiac over the landscape. Known as The Temple of the Stars the idea has been given a life of its own and found connections in Glastonbury’s other tales, such as the Holy Grail, Avalon and Glastonbury Thorn.

Fact or fiction there is no denying that Glastonbury’s Temple of the Stars presents some fascinating food for thought and can only enhance an understanding of mythological ideas and constructs.

Copies of Katherine Maltwood’s books can be ordered from our website: http://www.jamesclarke.co

A Guide to Glastonbury’s Temple of the StarsTemple of Stars 0227678672
By K.E. Maltwood
ISBN: 9780227678671

An account of the author’s discovery of prehistoric man-made ground patterns in the Glastonbury area and their zodiacal significance.




Enchantments of Britain 022767832XThe Enchantments of Britain
King Arthur’s Round Table of the Stars
By K.E. Maltwood
ISBN: 9780227678329

A collection of essays tracing the ideas and history behind the great Zodiac of Glastonbury, bringing together sources from religion, mythology and history to weave a complex and fascinating story.

World Poetry Day

By Heshani G. Arachchige

Quill_Postcard - Copy

March 21st marks World Poetry Day. On this day we celebrate all things poetry, be it reading, teaching, or publishing.

James Clarke & Co.  provide a range of books celebrating poetry which study the art form and its artists through multiple perspectives. Find the collection below, alongside some helpful links to the books in case you want some further detail!


An Unexpected Lightunexpected
Theology and Witness in the Poetry and Thought of Charles Williams, Micheal O’Siadhail and Geoffrey Hill
By David C. Mahan

A challenging and original work that argues that the arts, and poetry in particular, offer an invaluable and under-explored medium for developing and communicating theological insights.

“David Mahan is a superb close reader of poetry and also a rich theological thinker. This book shows how poetry and theology can come together to light up the great questions of human life today. Above all, his profound engagement with three fascinating poets – O’Siadhail, Williams, and Hill – will expand the circle of those who recognize their great significance for the twenty-first century”
David F. Ford, Regius Professor of Divinity, University of Cambridge

Find here.


on poetry

On Poetry
By Giovanni Antonio Viperano

One of the most significant works of poetics of the Renaissance, covering the historical development of poetry, the theoretical basis of poetics, and the practicalities of reading and writing poetry.

Giovanni Antonio Viperano (1535–1610) was born in Messina, Sicily. He was educated by the Jesuits, and excelled in rhetoric, philosophy and other branches of the humanities. Although often plagued by ill-health, he became renowned as a brilliant scholar and teacher. Although best known to his contemporaries as a writer on history, he also wrote on political theory, philosophy, biographical theory and theology, as well as literary criticism.

Find here.

Head to The Lutterworth Press’ blog to check out their titles celebrating World Poetry Day!

Happy Birthday J.R.R. Tolkien!

“My dear Bagginses and Boffins, Tooks and Brandybucks, Grubbs, Chubbs, Hornblowers, Bolgers, Bracegirdles and Proudfoots.”

~ “Proudfeet!”

“Today is my one hundred and eleventh birthday!”

Announced Bilbo Baggins all the way back in 1954 with the publication of The Fellowship of the Ring, the first volume in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

By this time John Ronald Reuel Tolkien had already established himself as a poet, philologist, university professor and was on his way to becoming the “father” of high-fantasy writing.

Today we celebrate his 122nd birthday and the literay legacy he has left behind.

His son, Christopher Tolkien, has worked hard to sustain and uphold this legacy, and was even consulted by Christopher Scarf when the latter was writing his recent work, The Ideal of Kingship in the Writings of Charles Williams, C.S. Lewis, and J.R.R. Tolkien: Divine Kingship is Reflected in Middle-Earth which is now also avaiable as an ebook from our website.

9780227174012_cover Ideal2.indd
Click the image for more information, extracts and reviews!

17-23 November 2013: Inter Faith Week

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Inter Faith Week took place for the first time in 2009 and was very successful, with a range of exciting and stimulating events taking place across England and Wales.

Since then Inter Faith Week has been organised every year, and usually takes place in England, Northern Ireland and Wales in the third week of November, beginning on a Sunday.

Inter Faith Week gives you the opportunity to:

strengthen good inter faith relations at all levels;

increase awarness of the different and distinct faith communities in the UK, celebrating and building on the contribution which their members make to their neighbourhoods and to wider society;

increase understanding between people of religious and non-religious beliefs.

“How people of different faiths and beliefs interact and cooperate is of enormous importance in our society. Inter Faith Week is an opportunity for people to come together for inter faith dialogue, learning and action. It’s a time for extending existing bonds of cooperation and friendship and creating new ones. We hope that this year sees even wider circles of involvement and wish all taking part success in their events and projects.”

Rev Bob Fyffe and Vivian Wineman, IFN Co-Chairs

Below, just a few titles about the themes of faith, tolerance and pluralism. Simply click on the image for more details.

9780718892944_cover Christian.inddChristian Theology and African Traditions

By Matthew Michael

ISBN: 9780718892944

A useful contribution to the engagement between Christian theology and non-Western cultures, bringing the traditional themes of theological discourse into meaningful dialogue with the traditions of Africa.

9780227680261_cover Muslim-Christian.inddContemporary Muslim and Christian Responses to Religious Plurality: Wolfhart Pannenberg in Dialogue with Abdulaziz Sachedina

By Lewis E. Winkler

ISBN: 9780227680261

An analysis of the challenges of religious diversity in the modern world, offering a way forward in a creative synthesis of both Muslim and Christian perspectives on tolerance and pluralism.


Christian Theology and Religious Pluralism 9780227680155Christian Theology and Religious Pluralism: A Critical Evaluation of John Hick

By David S. Nah

ISBN: 9780227680155

An illuminating examination and critique of the theological basis of philosopher John Hick’s religious pluralism, in particular his views on traditional Christology.

Armistice Day: UK Remembers

11/11Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Liverpool v Newcastle United - Anfield

Today in UK is the anniversary of the World War One Armistice Day, which honors members of the Armed Forces who have died in World War One and in all conflicts since.

This commemoration has been marked with a two-minutes silence. In these two minutes I’ve thought that in a war don’t exist British, Italian, German or French

But only people, people who have an house and a family, waiting for them to come back.

Respect is just what is needed; and when you live in a country different from yours you realise clearly that everywhere there are men who feel for their loved ones exactly the same feeling that we feel for ours.

I think that we’d start feeling more at home in the world.

Below just a few titles to reflect around the themes of conflict and faith (simply click on the images for more details).

Not to forget, never; and to remember horrors of war and conflict not only in one day of the year.

  After War, Is Faith Possible?
 An Anthology
By Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy and Kerry Walters (editor)

This timely volume brings together many of the most important writings of Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy, the influential Christian pacifist and campaigner for social justice.

In a Sailing Ship of War
By Ian Morrison

A lively and approachable account for young readers of life on board a Royal Navy vessel at the time of Trafalgar. Illustrated by the author.
Gods and Arms 9780718893163Gods and Arms: On Religion and Armed Conflict

By Kjell-Ake Nordquist

A multi-perspective collection of essays on the role of religion in promoting armed conflict, and how religious efforts at peacemaking may be assisted by a greater understanding of religiously motivated violence.

Not Mentioned in Despatches
The History and Mythology of the Battle of Goose Green (Paperback Edition)
By Spencer Fitz-Gibbon

A controversial, detailed examination of the decisive events of the Falklands war, focusing on the Battle of Goose Green and questioning the media’s presentation of the heroic victory for the British.

It’s not Halloween it’s Reformation Day!

While the western world goes crazy for candy and costumes, just remember that it was on this day in 1517 that Martin Luther wrote to his bishop, Albert of Mainz, protesting the sale of indulgences. He enclosed in his letter a copy of his “Disputation of Martin Luther on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences,” which came to be known as The Ninety-Five Theses.

Whether or not he really nailed this document to the door of All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg, his “disputation” sparked the Reformation.

If Reformation or ecclesiastical history is your thing, we have plenty of titles for you to induldge in (or maybe add to your Christmas wish-list). Click the image of Luther below to find out more!

Martin Luther (1483 – 1546)
Martin Luther
(1483 – 1546)