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Welcome to the September edition of the James Clarke & Co and The Lutterworth Press newsletter!

Monday 3rd September – ‘Kempe: The Life, Art and Legacy of Charles Eamer Kempe’ Book Launch at the Gloucester History Festival – In early September at the Gloucester History Festival we will be launching our latest publication. Author Adrian Barlow will be giving a lecture at midday as part of the ‘City Voices’ strand of the Gloucester History Festival 2018. Shortly after at 2:15pm Adrian will be launching his book on Kempe; wherein you will be able to purchase the book at pre-release price. For more information on the book follow the link below.

Thursday 27th September – ‘Artist About Cambridge’ Book Launch at Emmanuel College, Cambridge – In late September we are set to launch a book we are particularly excited about. Artist Jon Harris will be displaying examples of his work and hosting guests at Emmanuel College, Cambridge University as the eagerly anticipated ‘Artist About Cambridge’ is finally launched. For more information on the book follow the link here.

Monday 1st October – ‘Fishing for Souls’ Book Launch and Talk – At the start of October author Stephen Friend will be running a talk about his upcoming publication ‘Fishing for Souls’ at the Huntington Explore Library in Huntington on the outskirts of York. For more information on the book follow the link here.


Please click the links below for more information and extracts on our newly published titles:

Latest Titles


Kempe: The Life, Art and Legacy of Charles Eamer Kempe
By Adrian Barlow
A biographical study of the Victorian Church artist Charles Eamer Kempe and his considerable influence on church decoration worldwide.

Thecla’s Devotion: Narrative and Emotion in the Acts of Paul and Thecla
By J.D. McLarty
An investigation of the narrative devices used in the Thecla episode of the Acts of Paul, and their parallels with contemporary pagan fiction.

Andrew Young: Priest, Poet and Naturalist: A Reassessment
By Richard Ormrod
A literary biography of the priest and poet Andrew Young, establishing him amongst the greats of twentieth-century English poetry.

The Fruits of Grace: The Ecumenical Experience of the Community of Grandchamp
By Sister Minke de Vries and Nancy S. Gower (translator)
A reflection on the origins and development of one of the key women’s monastic communities in modern Europe, written by a former prioress.

Life After Tragedy: Essays on Faith and the First World War Evoked
By Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy
A collection of essays exploring the theological issues raised by the First World War, inspired by the noted wartime chaplain Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy.

The Cappadocian Mothers: Deification Exemplified in the Writings of Basil, Gregory and Gregory
By Carla D. Sunberg
An examination of the women in the lives of the fourth-century Cappadocian Fathers, and their influential role in the emerging theology of the early church.

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