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Dr Ashley’s Pleasure Yacht: John Ashley, the Bristol Channel Mission and all that Followed

By R.W.H. Miller

The story of John Ashley, the 19th century Anglican clergyman who founded the Bristol Channel Mission, the innovative maritime service that grew to become the present-day Mission to Seafarers.
R.W.H. Miller is also the author of One Firm Anchor and Priest in Deep Water which continue the nautical church theme of his works.
The Shining Sands: Artists in Newlyn and St Ives 1880–1930

By Tom Cross

The remarkable story of the colony of artists whose bold, vibrant style was inspired by the landscape and people of West Cornwall, and who gave rise to one of the most significant art movements of modern times.
Also by Tom Cross is Painting the Warmth of the Sun which explores the story of the St Ives artist’s colony.
Becoming Human Again: The Theological Life of Gustaf Wingren

By Bengt Kristensson Uggla and translated by Daniel M. Olson

A fresh exploration of the theological trajectory of Swedish theologian Gustaf Wingren, examining the the influences on his writings and how his ideas changed and developed over the course of his life.
From Icons to Idols: Documents on the Image Debate in Reformation England

By David J. Davis

A selection of key historical texts setting out the debate over religious imagery during the English Reformation, introduced and with a commentary by a leading scholar in the field.
The God of All Flesh: And Other Essays

By Walter Brueggemann and edited by K.C. Hanson

A collection of essays by a pre-eminent Old Testament scholar that brings out the biblical emphasis on the material life and its implications for social, political and economic issues.
Also written by Walter Brueggeman and edited by K.C. Hanson: The Role of Old Testament Theology in Old Testament Interpretation.
K.C. Hanson has also edited Israel and Babylon and Moses, the foreword of which has been written by Walter Brueggemann along with the foreword to Zionism and the Quest for Justice in the Holy Land.
Further essays by Walter Brueggemann can be found in The Economy of Salvation and Preaching and the Personal.
Healing the Ravaged Soul: Tending the Spiritual Wounds of Child Sexual Abuse

By Sue Magrath

A compassionate treatment of the sufferings of the survivors of sexual abuse, offering a guide to the journey back to spiritual wholeness.
Helping Jesus Fulfill Prophecy

By Robert J. Miller

A judicious critique of the argument from prophecy, showing how biblical prophecies were manipulated by the Gospel authors and Church Fathers in order to show Jesus as their fulfilment.
Plundering Egypt: A Subversive Christian Ethic of Economy

By G.P. Wagenfuhr

A theological critique of economic relationships, arguing that the Christian message of reconciliation with God subverts the sociopolitical models that theology has often taken for granted.
Recognizing Other Subjects: Feminist Pastoral Theology and the Challenge of Identity

By Katharine E. Lassiter

An interdisciplinary study that draws upon feminism and social theory to develop a theology of pastoral care that emphasises the importance of recognition for human well-being.
Religious Origins of Democratic Pluralism: Paul Peter Waldenström and the Politics of the Swedish Awakening 1868–1917

By Mark Safstrom

Focusing on the contribution of preacher and politician Paul Peter Waldenström, this is an examination of the role of the Swedish Church in the emergence of political pluralism and social democracy in 19th and early 20th century Sweden.
The Sculptor and His Stone: Selected Readings on Hellenistic and Christian Learning and Thought in the Early Greek Fathers

By Archbishop Chrysostomos

A collection of essays exploring the importance of classical Hellenistic thought in the early development of the Eastern Orthodox tradition


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