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Welcome to the August edition of the James Clarke & Co and The Lutterworth Press newsletter!


Friday 31st August – Saturday 1st SeptemberThe Newness of the Old Conference – One of our authors Christine Mangala Frost (Author of ‘The Human Icon: A Comparative Study of Hindu and Orthodox Christian Beliefs’) is set to talk at the ‘Newness of the Old’ conference; which is set to address the topic: ‘The Newness of the Old: Tradition, Doctrine and Christian Life between Preservation and Innovation.’ For further information and ticketing info, please click here.

Monday 3rd September – ‘Kempe: The Life, Art and Legacy of Charles Eamer Kempe’ Book Launch at the Gloucester History Festival – In early September at the Gloucester History Festival we will be launching our latest publication. Author Adrian Barlow will be giving a lecture at midday as part of the ‘City Voices’ strand of the Gloucester History Festival 2018. Shortly after at 2:15pm Adrian will be launching his book on Kempe; wherein you will be able to purchase the book at pre-release price. For further information on the festival, click here.


Please click the links below for more information and extracts on our newly published titles:


Latest Titles

Passionate Embrace: Luther on Love, Body, and Sensual Presence

By Elisabeth Gerle

A re-examination of the body and the erotic in Lutheran theology, offering a challenge to more austere and traditional interpretations.

Scaffolds of the Church: Towards Poststructural Ecclesiology

By Cyril Hovorun

An examination of how the ecclesial structures of Eastern Church evolved and how they contributed, or failed to contribute, to Church unity.

Institution of a Christian Man

By Gerald Bray

A new edition of one of the founding documents of the Church of England, allowing easy comparison of the changes between successive versions.

Mary Sumner: Mission, Education and Motherhood: Thinking a Life with Bourdieu

By Sue Anderson-Faithful

A biographical study of the Victorian educator Mary Sumner, locating her religious and social activism in the context of class, gender and empire.

Star Tales: Revised and Expanded Edition

By Ian Ridpath

A revised and expanded edition of the classic introduction to the myths and legends associated with the stars and constellations.

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