Accommodation and Acceptance_9780227175187

‘Mong’s is an authentic voice and merits great attention’: reviews of ‘Accommodation and Acceptance: An Exploration of Interfaith Relations.’

Accommodation and Acceptance shows us a ‘gentle way’ for dialogue, mutual respect and even the ‘holy envy’ of admiration which should be ours in the interreligious encounter of the twenty-first century. Mong’s is an authentic voice and merits great attention.”

Rev James F. Loughran, SA, Director of the Graymoor Ecumenical and Interreligious Institute, New York

Accommodation and Acceptance_9780227175187
Accommodation and Acceptance: An Exploration in Interfaith Relations  by Ambrose Mong
‘Mong masterfully shows how Christian faith needs to be reconceptualized in its encounter with Asian religions, from Christology to ecclesiology to Trinitarian theology. This book is a must-read not only for Asian Christians but also, and one may argue especially, for Western Christians.’
Professor Peter C. Phan, Ellacuria Chair of Catholic Social Thought, Georgetown University
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August: Monthly Special Offers!

This August we bring your more of our monthly special offers. Each month we offer three titles at 10% off and one title for 15% off on our website:

For August the special offers are:

9780227172254 Communion in the MessIn the End, God...Miracles and Revelation 9780227171790

Communion in the Messiah: Studies in the Relationship between Judaism and Christianity
By Lev Gillet
This challenging book develops two main themes: the substitution of dialogue for the one-sided ‘mission to the Jews’, and the communion of Jews and Christians in the one Messiah.
Paperback was £21.75 now £19.58

In the End, God… : A Study of the Christian Doctrine of the Last Things
By John A.T. Robinson
An important and challenging reinterpretation of the traditional themes of Christian eschatology, locating their true theological significance in the lives and experience of the faithful.
Paperback was £21.25 now £19.13

Miracles and Revelation
By John Lawton
A study of the role of miracles in the Bible and of the way in which changing concepts of faith and of revelation have altered the understanding of the miraculous.
Paperback was £27.00 now £24.30
And June’s monthly 15% offer is for:

The New Testament Concept of Atonement: The Gospel of the Calvary Event
By H.D. McDonald

New Testament Concept of Atonement 9780227172421
A detailed study of the New Testament concentrating on the Christian doctrine of salvation and atonement, examining the importance of Christ’s atoning act for man’s redemption.


Paperback was £21.25 now £17.21

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‘It is original, beautifully written, and compelling…’ Dr Young’s ‘Inferior Office? A History of Deacons in the Church of England.’

In spite of the centrality of the threefold orders of bishop, priest and deacon to Anglicanism, deacons have been virtually invisible in the contemporary Church of England. Inferior Office? is the first complete history of this neglected portion of the clergy, tracing the church’s changing theology of the diaconate from the Ordinal of 1550 to the present day.

Francis Young skilfully overturns the widely held belief that before the twentieth century, the diaconate was merely a brief and nominal period of probation for priests, revealing how it became an integral part of the Elizabethan defence of conformity and exploring the diverse range of ministries assumed by lifelong deacons in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Lifelong deacons often belonged to a marginalised ‘lower class’ of the clergy that has since been forgotten, an oversight of considerable importance to the wider social history of the clergy that is corrected in this volume.

Inferior Office? tells the story of persistent calls for the revival of a distinctive diaconate within the Victorian Church of England and situates the institution of deaconesses and later revival of the distinctive diaconate for women, as well as subsequent developments, within their wider historical context.

Set against this backdrop, Young presents a balanced case both for and against the further development of a distinctive diaconate today, offering much for further discussion and debate amongst clergy of the Church of England and all those with an interest in the rich tapestry of its history.

Inferior Office_9780227174883

“Francis Young’s book is a welcome antidote to the generally impoverished view of the diaconate that has prevailed in the Church of England in recent years. It is a timely and significant contribution to the Church of England’s understanding of the order of deacons within her threefold ministry, and will be a valuable and informative tool for those charged with the restructuring of the allocation of church resources in the 21st century.”
Dr Serenhedd James, Hon Research Fellow of St Stephen’s House, Oxford

“Young’s scholarship adds much to our understanding of the diaconate within the threefold ministry in the Church of England.”
Stephen Platten, in Theology, Vol 119 (2)

“This erudite book makes a valuable contribution to our understanding of the history of the diaconate in the Church of England from the Reformation to the present day.”
Gloria Cadman, in The Reader, Vol 115, No 2

Dr Young’s book is available to purchase here now!

Make sure you get your copy to unlock the secrets of the often most overlooked section of the Anglican clergy. Follow Dr Young’s journey in tracing the role of the diaconate from the Reformation through to the present day; clarifying the debate about its future.

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Platonism and Christian Thought in Late Antiquity

James Clarke & Co is proud to announce our support of the:

Microsoft Word - Oslo Late Antiquity_2016_Poster.docx

“Platonism and Christian Thought in Late Antiquity”

An international Workshop in Oslo on the Philosophy of Late Antiquity held by the department of Philosophy of the University of Oslo.

 December 2-3, 2016!

*UPDATE: the workshop has been extended and now runs December 1st-3rd, 2016.*

July: Monthly Special Offers!

It’s a new month and a new selection of monthly special offers. As you may already be aware each month we offer three titles at 10% off and one title for 20% off on our website:

The regular special offers are:

CS Lewis and the Problem of Evil9780227170427 CritiqueOfHeaven copyEnglish Classical scholarship 0227678729

C.S. Lewis and a Problem of Evil: An Investigation of a Pervasive Theme
By Jerry Root
An examination of C.S. Lewis’s ethical thought, in particular his critique of subjectivism, as explored through his fictional writings.
Paperback available at £24.25 £21.83

Critique of Heaven
By Arend Theodoor van Leeuwen
The first series of van Leeuwen’s Gifford Lectures examining the young Karl Marx’s developing thought, of importance to those studying Marx and those involved in Marxist-Christian dialogue.
Paperback available at £21.75 £19.13

English Classical Scholarship: Historical Reflections on Bentley, Porson and Housman
By C.O. Brink
An authoritative study of the development of English classical scholarship from the 16th century to the 20th, concentrating on the three giants in the field: Richard Bentley, Richard Porson, and A.E. Housman.
Paperback available at £21.25 £19.58


And June’s monthly 20% offer is for:

Mystical Element of Religion: Volume I
By Friedrich von Hügel

Mystical Element of Religion 1 9780227172612


Was £32.75 £27.84
The first volume of the classic study of spirituality and mysticism in the Western religious tradition, focusing on the life of Catherine of Genoa. Also available as a two volume set.

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‘An Unexpected Light’: Remembering Sir Geoffrey Hill

At James Clarke & Co. we are saddened to hear of the recent passing of Sir Geoffrey Hill yesterday evening. The British Poet, best known for Mercian Hymns in 1971, published over twenty volumes in his lifetime and was Professor of Poetry at Oxford University from 2010-2015.

We have had the pleasure of working with the award winning writer’s work in discussing the invaluable nature of poetry in developing and communicating theological insights. Within David C. Mahan’s book, An Unexpected Light: Theology and Witness in the Poetry and Thought of Charles Williams, Micheal O’Siadhail and Geoffrey Hill  the writer explores favourites such as “Pitch of Attention” and “Poetic Kenosis” in The Triumph of Love; drawing together notions of poetry and theology into their own combined discourse.


An Unexpected Light: Theology and Witness in the Poetry and Thought of Charles Williams, Micheal O’Siadhail, and Geoffrey Hill by David C. Mahan

“This book shows how poetry and theology can come together to light up the great questions of human life today. Above all, his profound engagement with three fascinating poets – O’Siadhail, Williams, and Hill – will expand the circle of those who recognize their great significance for the twenty-first century”
David F. Ford, Regius Professor of Divinity, University of Cambridge

An Unexpected Light comes highly commended by prominent scholars in the literature and theology field. … we have cause to celebrate the remarkable explicatory gifts on display here, and to thank the author for inspiring us to discover or to appreciate anew three poets of rare significance.”
Robert Rhys, in The Glass, No 23