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Here at James Clarke and Co. we are pleased to be able to share with you all our new reviews from the likes of Reading Religion, Journal of Ecclesiastical History and others. If any of the titles below interest you, please don’t hesitate to click on these links for further information and purchasing options.

The Use of the Old Testament in a Wesleyan Theology of Mission
By Gordon L. Snider


The Use of the Old Testament in a Wesleyan Theology of Mission 9780227176023‘In this interesting study, Gordon Snider; a professor at Kansas Christian College, sets out to examine if and how representative Wesleyan theologians and missionary leaders used the Old Testament to shape a theology of mission, and how far the outcomes corresponded with distinctive Wesleyan emphases.’
Martin Wellings, Editor for Wesley and Methodist Studies, Book Reviews, Vol 10, No. 2, 2018



The Conversion and Therapy of Desire
By Mark J. Boone

The Conversion and Therapy of Desire 9780227176665.jpg

‘In this fascinating and meticulously researched study of Augustine’s Cassiciacum dialogues, Mark Boone shows Augustinian scholars a productive way forward for better understanding how these philosophical texts can and should be analyzed both on their own terms and as part of Augustine’s evolving ideas about ancient philosophy and Christian theology. Boone’s work is a valuable contribution to Augustinian studies, and especially to the study of the Cassiciacum dialogues. It is carefully researched, well-written, and easy to follow even by a generalist Augustinian scholar.’
– Jennifer Ebbeler, Associate Professor of Classics at University of Texas, Reading Religion, 21st August 2018


A Tale of Two Theologians: Treatment of Third World Theologies
By Ambrose Mong

A Tale of Two Theologians 9780227176580

‘A Tale of Two Theologians: Treatment of Third World Theologies is a fascinating book that presents, with a new perspective, how the third world theologies have been treated by the Roman Catholic Church. This book successfully attempts a twin task of explaining this treatment of third world theologies, particularly those that do not fit into Western systems, and offering a comparative study of Latin American and Asian theologies. Mong has beautifully woven together these two tasks in one book without losing focus.’
– Murathuraj Swamy, Director of Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide, Reading Religion, 11th April 2018


Perfecting Perfection 9780227175880

Perfecting Perfection: Essays in Honour of Henry D. Rack
By Robert Webster

‘Perfecting Perfection is a fitting tribute to the author of such a considerable and influential output.’
– Robert Schofield, Journal of Ecclesiastical History, Volume 68, Issue 4, October 2017



Stay tuned for many more reviews in the future!

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